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Leveraging our technology, extensive health network and 26+ years of industry experience.

Designed to improve knowledge sharing, collaboration and communication between health care providers, health insurance companies and business communities, Populytics is an integrated health management resource with these goals:

  • To create healthier people, families, businesses and communities
  • To maximize the benefits of your health care dollars
  • To improve health care quality, coordination of care, reliability and cost effectiveness for health care consumers

Turning data into meaningful actions and healthier outcomes.

Health care costs are projected to soar to $3.5 trillion in 2015, an increase of 17%. Providing higher quality care at a lower cost is the challenge for the American health delivery system. At Populytics, we recognize that getting there requires a fundamental shift—from a volume-model to a value-based model that rewards providers for proactively keeping people healthier. How everyone meets that goal requires specialized expertise unique to Populytics.

Populytics is different. We’ve built on our 26+ years of health management experience to integrate these three key areas, supported by experts in health care informatics, wellness services, insurance and risk management, benefit plan design, and management and administration.

This is the best way to create healthier people, families, businesses and communities. Unlike other organizations, we share this information in new and transformative ways: (1) To health care providers to improve patient outcomes, (2) to employers to enhance benefit plans and lower costs, and (3) to health insurance companies for accountability and partnerships to achieve Triple Aim objectives.

“Populytics puts the technology tools, metrics, and team in place to enable improvements in our patient care models, streamline processes, and drive new payment innovations.”
Gregory G. Kile
President & CEO

Healthier happens through a move to value-based care—which first requires investment in new technologies, plus improvement in two key disciplines:

  1. Population Health Management - keeping people healthier through early diagnosis and preventive care, in addition to disease treatment or management
  2. Coordination of Care - comprehensive care that extends from prevention through care interventions, chronic condition management and treatment of disease to ultimately lower health care costs.

The result is what HEALTHIER looks like:

  • Improved health plan design
  • Improved health care delivery
  • Improved cost efficiencies
  • Improved accountability and service
  • Improved outcomes

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“A single engine
of improvement.”
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Mark Wendling, MD
Medical Director
Valley Preferred

Populytics provides the most advanced knowledge management systems in the industry today. We place significant value on the power of data and have built a technology infrastructure that supports analysis of experience, risk modeling that informs population health interventions, medical expense budgeting and plan design enhancement. Our experts work directly with our claims and clinical teams to transform data into meaningful information that empowers our health plan administration, cost containment and decision making.

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“Enables Community Care Teams to close gaps in care.”
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Brian A. Nester, DO, MS,
Acting President and Chief Executive Officer
Lehigh Valley Health Network
“Usable, actionable information for more effective population health management.”
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Maryanne K. Peifer, MD, MSIS
Associate Medical Director
Clinical Informatics
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Populytics’ integrated specialist teams of health industry professionals and advanced informatics technologists convert data into usable information that empowers:

Predictive modeling to identify future clinical risk

Risk scoring the population, including stratifying of high-cost claimants and projecting more accurate cost predictions

Identification of care gaps to better connect and engage patients and providers

Forecasting of expenditures and medical services needs to help manage future health care expenses

Analytical support for shared savings and risk contracting
with payers

Administrative support to enhance services for
self-insured businesses

Customized health plan design that can respond to population needs as they change over time

Intervention impact measurement to enable
continuous improvements

Quality initiative support to provide physician performance comparisons to evidence-based benchmarks

Assessment of cost/quality of care across varied population segments to improve patient outcomes

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Jonathan J. Burke, DO
Medical Director
What does Population Health Management really mean?

Population Health Management focuses on proactively maintaining the health of a defined group—instead of simply reacting to single episodes of care—in order to minimize the need for costly hospitalization and medical treatment. Population Health Management relies on information (analytics) about the population and its risks, health care engagement and the practices of care providers. Properly implemented, the Population Health Management approach improves the health of populations and the individual patient experience while managing the cost of care.

What does it mean to move from “volume to value”?

In the traditional health care economic model, most providers are paid on a fee-for-service basis. As such, compensation is driven by volume.

Recognizing that this is a transforming paradigm and unsustainable, health care delivery and reimbursement models are changing to a value-based system. Provider payment must be influenced by quality outcomes of care and the health of populations.

Why is a new analytics system needed? Hasn’t information always been available through medical records and claims data?

Population Health Management is a new strategy requiring advanced tools. Claims and clinical data must be assessed and synchronized as never before. Populytics’ analytics system is built to take disparate data feeds and coalesce them in meaningful ways, allowing coordinated analysis by clinicians, health scientists, informatics specialists and claims management experts. Their actions shape the delivery of care to individual patients and the broader population.

Populytics serves as data aggregator, care experience analyst, performance activator and outcomes assessor. In short, Populytics translates data into meaningful action to drive healthier outcomes.

How will Populytics help providers improve care delivery?

The new level of information generated by Populytics will allow primary care physicians and other providers across the care continuum to focus on early diagnosis and preventive care. By keeping patients healthier, providers can reduce the risks and costs of high utilization by targeted populations.

Populytics also provides clinical pathway and benchmarking tools to inform consistent, evidence-based care. These allow for the development of models to support care delivery across the health spectrum—from prevention through chronic condition management.

What services will Populytics provide to health networks and
insurance payers?

Despite the importance of the population health approach, it will not be widely adopted until new financial incentives in the health care industry are understood and actuated. Populytics’ tools and our multi-disciplinary team will support health care provider networks in the journey to accountable care. We will provide both payers and providers with mutually-recognized metrics needed to develop new payment strategies, including the identification and measurement of the most influential performance outcomes.

Insurers, employers, providers and patients/health plan members are all stakeholders in the new paradigm driven by Population Health Management. Populytics is the vehicle for collaboration by all stakeholders…and the key to a successful, sustainable future for community health care.

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